The Honeymoon

So we’re now back from our honeymoon in sunny Mexico, and we’re really sad about it because we had such a great time – now it’s back to real life!

We stayed at the Royalton hotel near Cancun, which was our first time at a 5* resort (had to treat ourselves, I’m only planning on honeymooning once in my life!) and wow we were impressed! We were greeted with champagne on arrival, our luggage was all taken care of and delivered to our room by a bell person and our room was lovely and big.

The hotel was MASSIVE, there were 7 pools (2 with pool bars!) and a variety of restaurants as well as the main buffet restaurant – the food was so good and both the Mr and I put on some serious weight over the course of our 2 week stay (it’s a good thing I no longer have a wedding dress to try and fit into!!). There was such a wide variety of food on offer at the buffer that you just couldn’t help going up again and again just to try all of the different things! The same went for drinks, there was such a large variety cocktails and drinks (real drinks too, like Malibu and Disaronno, not the copied versions) – we were spoilt for choice!

We went on a few excursions too, we visited Chichen Itza and saw one of the Mayan temples (one of the seven wonders of the world) and visited a Mayan village and swam in a cenote.

Left: Chichen Itza     Right: The Cenote

We visited the Xplor park where we swam through underground rivers and drove an amphibious vehicle around the jungle and through caves. We went to the Xcaret park where we swam through another underground river, saw animals such as Flamingos, Racoons and my personal favourite the cute little Sea Turtles! We also had a chocolate making lesson and got to make some of our very own chocolate. The Xcaret park was massive and there was a wide range of things to do!

The Sea Turtles

I think my favourite excursion though was our half day trip to Isla Contoy (Contoy Island). We had to take a speedboat from Cancun to get there, which took 20-30 minutes and was very bumpy but so worth it as the Island was truly beautiful. It was idyllic, it looked like the kind of beaches in magazines that you never actually think exist, but they do! Whilst there we went snorkelling. I was very apprehensive as I hate the sea and always convince myself that I’m going to be injured or killed by various sea creatures – I don’t like being out of my depth in the water either so this was a really big deal for me. I’m so glad I did it though, it was amazing! We saw so many different fish and even happened upon a sleeping Nurse Shark (I was pretty petrified at this point and just kind of floated there as I didn’t want to move for fear of waking it up!). I would definitely recommend going to Contoy Island if you’re ever in Mexico and get the chance and GO SNORKELLING – you won’t regret it!

Contoy Island

All in all, we found Mexico to be a lovely country and thoroughly enjoyed our time there. We ate and drank everything we wanted for 2 weeks (checked the scales this morning – not good!) and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine. We had an amazing honeymoon and made memories for life!

Lots of love

Mrs Smith



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