The honeymoon: what I’m packing

After booking our honeymoon (around 9 months ago now), I didn’t really give it much more thought as obviously I had more important matters to attend to (you know, like planning the biggest day of my life) so as soon as the wedding day was over and the wedding blues began (yes, they’re real!) – I remembered I still had the honeymoon to look forward to, well, not that I had forgotten of course, but it just hadn’t been at the forefront of my mind!

Slight panic then set in that I needed to buy a new wardrobe, I’d lost a bit of weight for the wedding so I wasn’t sure that any of my old ‘summery’ clothes would actually fit me any more. The only thing to do was take a trip to good old Primark (obviously!).

These were a few of my Primark finds that I’ll be taking with me on the honeymoon;

Bikini (Top £3 & Bottoms £3)


Beach bag – white with silver detailing featured in main picture (£1.50)

Watermelon vest top (£2.50)

vest top.png

Sandals (£3) – I really love these, they look very Ted Baker-ish!


I was really impressed with the selection of bikinis and sandals at Primark this year, so much so that I ended up buying 3 of the bikinis and 3 pairs of sandals (I actually think I’ve packed 10 pairs of shoes in total and I’ve not even finished packing yet..!) – I would definitely recommend taking a look, the place has definitely been a lifesaver for me as having just paid out for a wedding I am on a limited budget and I’ve been able to get a lot more for my money.

Books: I’ve picked up a couple of books too, as I’ve figured that lazing around for 2 weeks may leave me bored at times (who would have thought it?!) and I do enjoy reading, I just never get round to it nowadays!

The books I’m packing are;

Me & You by Claudia Carroll and The School Gates by Nicola May (both pictured below)


To be honest, I’ve not read anything from either of these authors before but they look like the kind of book I will enjoy by the pool – girly and light hearted!

Any other reading recommendations will be welcomed! Please do let me know if there is a book you feel I just must read.

It may seem a bit random (or not) but we have packed a LOT of mosquito repellent! The Zika virus is still around in Mexico so we will be taking all precautions to repel those mosquitos!

Honeymoon prep: To be honest, I’ve not done too much in the way of prepping and pampering myself for the holiday. The Mr and I have been going for tanning sessions for the last month as we’re both extremely pale and will definitely burn, so as a precaution we’ve tried to get a base tan and I must say it has actually worked (I’m still pale, just slightly less so!). We did our research and found that going for 4-6 minutes a time every 3-4 days and keeping moisturised was the best way to achieve and maintain a base tan.

Other than tanning, the only other prep I’ll be doing is getting a manicure and pedicure – not sure what colour nails to go for yet but I’m thinking of trying the new chrome trend – I’ll keep you updated via Instagram on that front!

If you aren’t already, follow me on Instagram – @mywifelife.x

Lots of love

Mrs Smith



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