The best day of my life

He proposed to me on Valentines Day 2015, and me, the girl who had never been bothered by weddings, didn’t want to change her surname and hadn’t been that little girl dreaming of her wedding day was suddenly planning a wedding. 

Anyone who knows me personally will tell you that I am one of the most impatient people they know (whereas my Mr is the most chilled and patient person ever!) and straight away we were asked if we had set a date. I panicked a bit and thought ‘Should I have set a date already even though we’ve only been engaged 24 hours?! Or are people assuming I would have already picked and planned a date because of my impatient nature and love of organising things?’. It ended up being the latter, as when we did pick a date a couple of weeks later, not many people were surprised by how quickly I’d got the ball rolling!

I had wanted to get married the year after, towards the end of 2016, but Mr Smith wasn’t too keen on the idea – being the cautious one of the two of us, he wanted to be sure we would be financially comfortable and able to afford the wedding we wanted (and was most likely very nervous at the thought of actually getting married!) so we settled on a date in 2017 which gave us 2 years to plan and save for (hopefully) a half decent wedding.

So that was that we had booked a venue (the first and only one we went to see!) and had set a date. We set a budget (which ended up changing 3 times) and I put together a ‘wedding spreadsheet’ to keep a tally of the costs and stop me from going overboard. I was determined to have the best wedding I could on a realistic budget as there was no way we were ever going to put ourselves out of pocket or into debt for just one day!

For the next year and a half, I read countless wedding magazines, spent an obscene amount of time on Pinterest and spent many an evening making confetti from bio-degradable tissue paper (this was just one of my many attempts to cut costs – I will do a blog post on some wedding cost saving tips soon!). 

I really enjoyed planning my wedding and keeping my spreadsheet up to date (as sad as that sounds) which I was glad of as I had heard and read many horror stories of brides having a terrible time with the whole wedding planning process. Don’t get me wrong, there were often times I would stress out about the cost of it all, have a bit of a cry about it and wonder whether or not it was worth it, but I will tell you now: it definitely is

On the 25th March 2017, I became Mrs Smith. A wife. I married my best friend (as cliched as that sounds) and it truly was the best day of my life. Everyone tells you that it’s going to be a great day and that it’ll all go by so quickly, but for some reason, I never really believed them until I actually experienced it for myself.

The weather was gorgeous, we were so lucky as it had rained in the week leading up to the big day and you can never tell what the weather will do in March, but there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. My dress fitted like a glove (all of my hard work slimming down for the big day paid off), and I felt amazing in it! But by far the best bit of the day was having all of our family and friends together in one room – Mr Smiths Dad and Step-Mum had travelled from Australia to be with us! 

So now begins my new adventure as Mrs Smith. I decided to create this blog to document this new chapter in my life, to discuss the highs and the lows of marriage (fingers crossed not many lows though, hey!), our search for our new forever home (we sold our first house 2 weeks before our wedding day.. who’s smart idea was that?! Oh.. mine..), the renovation of our new home once we find it and our life together in between!

We’re currently waiting to receive our professional wedding photos from the photographers so I will definitely put a blog post together including these once we receive them so you can truly appreciate how beautiful the day was and we are soon off to Mexico on our honeymoon so expect a post about that too!

Lots of Love,

Mrs Smith x





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